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Branch Managers love Motivator CRM

I love Motivator CRM for many reasons, especially the campaigns. Graphics are phenomenal! Great investment in your business!

Kristi FarmerBranch Manager

I just had a well-written blog post sent to my outlook and uploaded onto my website and I haven’t lifted a finger yet. In less than 2 minutes, I’ve also uploaded that article to LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, I cut and pasted it onto my other blog-site… That’s a ton of social media and SEO.

Ken PedersonBranch Manager

Motivator CRM has been amazing! I have received numerous compliments from agents and borrowers for the communication during the loan process. I love the automation! Thanks for making my job easier!

Josh MurphyBranch Manager

Motivator keeps loan officers personally accountable. The scripting and reminders of what to do throughout the process keeps them on point and maximizes time and efficiency. Motivator is a non-negotiable in 2016 if you want to grow your business.

Dave LazowskiBranch Manager

It’s nice to go to closings these days and be solicited by agents wanting to work with me due to our great service and updates they receive with Motivator CRM!

Dave DavisBranch Manager

FYI…like you don’t already know…this stuff is so FREAKIN’ cool! Excited to GROW thanks to this CRM…Thanks!

Aaron FlowersBranch Manager

Excellent integration with Encompass that allows Loan Officers to focus on what they should focus on the next deal.

Matt MaretBranch Manager

I love how responsive the team at Motivator CRM is and how you have created a CRM system that is easy to use, works with all of our other systems and holds me accountable to keep doing what I need to do to succeed. I highly recommend it.

Mike EnglandBranch Manager
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