If you close loans under your name, you will need a Loan Officer account. A LO account is a sales and marketing platform complete with a personal website (launches with several hundred articles already built in), multiple sales and opportunities dashboards, our custom In-Process workflow (loan milestone) emails sent on your behalf, and optional integration with lead services and much more.

If you are a licensed loan partner on a team where all loans flow through a single “team leader” LO, you will want a LO-Lite account. LO-Lite accounts do not include individual websites but offer the ability to be featured on a team website.

A Manager account is a LO account with a few additional features included at no additional cost. Branch managers can access all branch contacts as well as manage LO pipelines through a Manager Dashboard.

If you are a Non-Producing Manager, we suggest that you have an account for several reasons: recruiting new talent, accessing all branch contacts including Realtors and Referral Partners, and managing your loan officers’ pipelines and activities through a Manager Dashboard.

If you want your LOA to effectively manage your pipeline, it is important for them to be able to assign tasks to themselves. Additionally, if you want your LOA to be able to address things specifically with your clients, using their own name and contact information, having their own Motivator CRM account is important.

With a LOA account, your LOA will receive loan milestone updates, be able to assign your nurture campaigns to new leads, and finish tasks and phone calls that you may not have been able to complete. Also, a LOA can support multiple LO’s within the Motivator CRM system, which is helpful if your office is set up that way.

LOA accounts allow your assistant to be featured on your website at no additional cost.

If you are looking for a way to organize your potential new mortgage talent, Motivator offers a custom dashboard view as well as campaigns and other tools for assistance. This account type does not include a website.