About Us

Founder & Creative Visionary

Drawing upon considerable knowledge and experience in digital and social marketing, Kelly combines her skills in sales with an eye for design to make Motivator the marketing machine it is. She manages the collective craziness that comes with a creative team, and keeps everyone laughing.



Creating and implementing CRMs in his former career with the U.S. Department of Commerce is just one part of the trajectory that brought Devin to Intent. His knowledge of building and scaling businesses plays the perfect role in running this talented startup, and his passion for creative thinking is the backbone of our company. When Devin isn’t teaching the team to be more diplomatic, he is the first one to make us laugh.

Ben Thornburg bw

When he isn’t grooming his majestic beard (not shown here), Ben is masterfully constructing the matrix that is the CRM system we know as Motivator. A former marketing and CRM engineer in his previous life, Ben has a mission to make our platform easy to use and navigate while improving customer experience.

Chief Content Strategist

Beneath this pretty exterior is a brash, sassy researcher, writer and graphic designer who keeps us on our toes with her lethal combination of dry wit and potentially dangerous throwing arm. Molly is highly respected, but that’s mostly because we all fear (and adore) her.

Lanier Kirk
Onboarding Specialist

Part executive assistant attempting to keep Kelly sane (no easy task), Lanier is the ninja behind easy application for all of our new users and the front line of onboarding questions.

Digital Lead Strategist

A language nerd, Gu is adept at PPC and Facebook advertising. When he is not copywriting or browsing the internet for strong keywords, he is probably at the gym working off those dear chocolate chip cookies.

Head of Web Development

Proficient in multiple website platforms and languages, Lena creates the massive construct of websites that makes Motivator CRM’s digital marketing system possible. She is always looking for the newest ways to integrate our products, and manages her team of developers with ease.

Austin Larr
Head Cheerleader & Unofficial VP of Sales

Even though, technically, Austin doesn’t work for Motivator, he is our favorite user and does email us like he’s on staff. He told us he deserves to be on the website, and we like to indulge our favorite people. #salesmaster

Kathy Campanelli crop
Kathy Campanelli
HR Manager

When she isn’t fielding billing inquiries or entering our vaca time, this non-judgmental, optimistic country girl loves warm weather, cartoons and being barefoot. She is also always up for tapas and tequila!

Everyone's Best Friend

Kiya is a lady of a certain age who has lived a long life and now enjoys the spoils of being retired. Each day, she comes to the office for excessive petting, plenty of treats, sweet potato fries, and lots of love. She is our mascot and everyone’s favorite furry friend.

Office Mascot

Lucy aka “LuLu” or “Luce” has brought joy to our office since being adopted in 2016. She can often be found catching pieces of popcorn midair or more likely sleeping soundly in her bed. Occasionally, she and the printer have a showdown, but Lucy always wins.