Mortgage Marketing Customer Testimonial – Sarah Hebb


Sarah Hebb, a mortgage planner in Charlotte, North Carolina, gives Motivator CRM some high marks! Sarah says Motivator’s mortgage marketing communication has had a positive impact on her business and that she has received feedback from business partners saying how much they appreciate the communication she provides through Motivator’s automated email campaigns and newsletters.

Communicating on your behalf, Motivator CRM keeps you in touch with your business partners and customers in a way that benefits everyone. For your business partners, Motivator sends a Weekly Realtor Review email, a Realtor Monthly Newsletter and update emails throughout loan transactions. For your customers, Motivator sends a Consumer Monthly Newsletter, birthday and anniversary emails, and milestone emails that keep buyers informed during every step of the loan process. By providing abundant communication with relevant and timely information, Motivator users always stay top of mind with their customers and business partners.

As a mortgage marketing CRM system, Motivator aims to help build and nurture customer and business partner relationships. By providing a steady stream of useful information along with timely loan status updates and ongoing communication after a loan has been completed, Motivator CRM gives customers and business partners the best possible homebuying experience.

Watch the video below to learn more about why Sarah loves Motivator CRM.