Mortgage Marketing Customer Testimonial – Bob Voss

Bob Voss, a Fresno, California-based branch manager with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, appreciates the automation that Motivator provides his business. Bob was happy to find that once his Motivator CRM account was set up, he could let Motivator handle his customer and business partner communication. Bob said,

“The reason I like Motivator is that it helps you with getting your information out there. You don’t really have to do anything other than just set everything up, and then Motivator will take over and do everything for you.”

Motivator CRM provides many types of automated emails to customers and business partners to help users build business. These emails include:

  • Nurture Campaigns: Prospective customers can be added to educational nurture campaigns based on their homebuying situation.
  • In-Process Campaign: When a loan is in process, customers and business partners will receive update emails to notify them when different stages have been completed in the loan process.
  • Monthly Newsletters: Each month, closed borrowers and selected business partners will receive a newsletter with articles based on timely and relevant topics.
  • Anniversary and Birthday Emails: Users can sign up closed borrowers and business partners to receive emails for birthdays, anniversaries and more.
  • Weekly Realtor Review: This email is sent every Friday to your selected Referral Partners, providing them with useful information and links to post in their social media. It also serves as a reminder to get any potential borrowers pre-approved before going house shopping with them over the weekend.

As a mortgage marketing technology system, Motivator aims to help build and nurture customer and business partner relationships. By always providing useful information, timely loan status updates, and ongoing communication after the loan has been completed, Motivator CRM gives customers and business partners the best possible homebuying experience.

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