Mortgage Marketing Customer Testimonial – Tu Phan

Tu Phan, a branch manager in Clackamas, Oregon, gave Motivator some great praise! Tu told us that Motivator CRM’s mortgage marketing automation has had a profound impact on his business, especially his Realtor relationships. By providing Realtors with automated and educational emails, Motivator users are able to stay in front of their business partners at all times.

Motivator CRM provides Realtors with many different types of mortgage marketing emails for their benefit. When a loan is in process, the Realtor(s) on the transaction will receive emails indicating which phases of the transaction have been completed. Additionally, Motivator users can choose to add their Realtor partners to a “Weekly Realtor Review” email as well as a “Realtor Monthly Newsletter.” The Weekly Realtor Review is sent every Friday to selected referral partners, providing them with useful information and links to post in their social media. It also serves as a reminder to make sure potential borrowers are pre-approved before going house shopping over the weekend.  The Realtor Monthly Newsletter goes out monthly to business partners who are viewed by the Motivator user as referral sources or partners. Each newsletter has a seasonal or holiday theme and provides links to several articles on the Motivator user’s website that the user can share with their valued customers on social media.

As a mortgage marketing CRM system, Motivator aims to help build and nurture customer and business partner relationships. By providing useful information at all times, loan status updates when needed, and ongoing communication after the loan has been completed, Motivator CRM is sure to give customers and business partners the best possible homebuying experience.

Watch the video below to learn more about why Tu loves Motivator CRM.

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