Mortgage Marketing Customer Testimonial – Tony Garshnick

Mortgage planner Tony Garshnick in Charlotte, North Carolina was one of the first Motivator CRM customers and has some wonderful feedback to share. Tony told us that Motivator CRM has had a profound impact on his business and has helped him stay in front of his customers to earn more business. Tony especially likes the mortgage marketing communication that Motivator provides as well as the milestone emails used to inform his customers and business partners of their status in the loan process.

Motivator CRM provides users with a wide array of communication and marketing solutions to help convert leads and gain customers. Through email marketing campaigns, milestone emails, personalized to-do lists and more, loan officers are able to keep in constant contact with their customers and business partners while still having ample time to cultivate new relationships.

As a mortgage marketing CRM system, Motivator aims to help build and nurture customer relationships as well as create customers for life. When those customers are ready to refinance their current home or purchase a new home, our hope is that their constant communication with the loan officer will sustain their relationship to trust them with those additional transactions.

Watch the video below to learn more about why Tony loves Motivator CRM.

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