Mortgage Marketing Customer Testimonial – Mike England

Mortgage planner Mike England in Kent, Washington is the latest Motivator CRM user to offer some wonderful feedback on the digital mortgage marketing platform. Since signing up for Motivator, Mike has particularly enjoyed the constant communication that Motivator provides his clients and business partners. The loan status updates have especially made the process easy for Mike, because the automatic emails allow him time to focus his time on other aspects of building business.

Motivator CRM provides users with a wide variety of email marketing solutions to educate homebuyers and business partners about the homebuying process. Motivator’s email drip campaigns are relevant, timely and provide copious information for numerous homebuyer situations, and the in-process emails sent by Motivator help customers and business partners stay up-to-date through each step of the loan process.

As a mortgage marketing CRM system, Motivator aims to help build and nurture customer relationships as well as create customers for life. By supplying mortgage professionals with a prioritized task list, emailing loan updates to customers and business partners, educating customers about the homebuying process, and more, Motivator CRM is equipped to help you build your business.

Watch the video below to learn more about why Mike loves Motivator CRM.

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