Mortgage Marketing Customer Testimonial – Kea Blevins

mortgage marketing

A branch manager in Clayton, North Carolina, Kea Blevins says Motivator CRM has been her favorite thing about working at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation! Since becoming a Motivator user, Kea has earned business from selling agents — despite having never met some of those agents — thanks to the fantastic mortgage marketing communication that Motivator provides during the loan process.

Additionally, Kea loves the campaigns and blog articles that Motivator makes available to her. Motivator CRM provides users with a wide variety of drip campaigns full of timely and relevant information for numerous homebuyer situations. Additionally, each loan officer’s Motivator website is filled with blog articles aiming to teach consumers how to become homebuyers. All emails in the drip campaigns are linked to the website blogs, taking the reader back to the loan officer’s website.

As a mortgage marketing CRM system, Motivator aims to not only nurture customer relationships from start to finish, but also to create customers for life. By providing loan officers with a tailored to-do list, emailing loan updates to customers, educating customers about the homebuying process, and more, Motivator CRM is determined to earn you more business.

Watch the video below to learn more about why Kea loves Motivator CRM.

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