Employee Spotlight – Lanier Kirk

Following in her family’s footsteps, Lanier Kirk graduated from Auburn University as a fifth-generation Tiger in 2015. After switching majors from Interior Design to Public Relations, Lanier still had a passion for anything in the housing industry, whether it was décor, real estate or mortgages. No matter what profession Lanier ended up in, she just knew she wanted to be around people and always be learning and enjoying what she did every day. And this is how she landed at the mortgage CRM company, Motivator CRM.

Going from the Auburn family to the Motivator CRM family was the easiest transition for Lanier. After taking a job at Fairway as a marketing assistant to Kelly, Kelly tasked Lanier with a small but impactful role at Motivator. Lanier is the first person with whom new users communicate when signing up for their Motivator account. Since first impressions are important, Lanier makes sure that everyone’s start at Motivator is seamless and easy.

With the growth of the digital mortgage industry, Lanier is thrilled to see where Motivator goes, and is thankful she gets to be a part of the journey. When Lanier isn’t signing customers up, sending Next Steps or running around the office trying to make people laugh, you can find her at a new Charlotte restaurant, brewery or anywhere fun, making memories with her friends and family.

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