Mortgage Marketing Customer Testimonial Jason Wojtyna

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Jason Wojtyna — a mortgage planner with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Phoenix, Arizona — has been a Motivator CRM customer for three years! Jason loves the way Motivator CRM helps him reconnect with his customers. Through consumer newsletters, anniversary emails, birthday emails and more, Motivator contacts loan officers’ past customers to check in with them and continue to cultivate those relationships. The goal of these emails is keeping the loan officer top of mind for the customer if the customer decides they are ready to purchase a new home or refinance. Jason has received wonderful feedback from clients about how much they love the mortgage marketing communication that Motivator CRM provides them. Watch the video testimonial below to learn more about why Jason loves Motivator CRM.

Motivator CRM is a digital marketing and mortgage CRM system that will increase your mortgage business. Motivator helps mortgage loan officers create opportunities and nurture customer relationships. Through these processes, Motivator helps mortgage planners turn prospective leads into customers. Once those leads have been converted into closed borrowers, Motivator keeps in communication to leverage customers for life. Watch the video testimonial below to learn more about how digital marketing platform Motivator CRM can help mortgage planners increase their business and more.

Motivator Testimonial: Jason Wojtyna from Motivator CRM on Vimeo.

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