Motivator Uses Mortgage Blogging to Educate Your Customers

Providing relevant, timely and educational information is a key component to nurturing leads and maintaining customers. While blogging is one of the best outlets for this mortgage marketing technique, it can be rather time-consuming. Motivator CRM is one of the only mortgage CRM’s on the market that provides users with three blogs on their website per week at no extra cost. In addition to teaching consumers how to become homebuyers, the blogs are also tied directly to mortgage CRM campaign emails and shareable in social media with the goal of driving traffic back to the loan officer’s website.

Motivator updates every user’s website with a new blog every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday blogs provide information about real estate, home purchases, loan programs, refinancing or another topic of relevance. Wednesday blogs generally focus on home improvements, home design ideas or seasonal and/or holiday centered topics. Thursday website blogs provide information about the mortgage company. All blogs appear to be written by the loan officer, with accurate information and correct grammar.

Motivator CRM is a mortgage CRM and digital marketing platform that will help you provide your customers with the best mortgage experience possible. Motivator works to build your business as well as maintain current customers past the life of their loan.

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