Motivator CRM Customer Testimonial Melanie Galvin

mortgage marketing Melanie Galvin

Melanie Galvin — a Branch Manager with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Reno, Nevada — says the mortgage marketing made possible by Motivator CRM has helped increase her business. Melanie loves the Realtor and customer update emails that Motivator provides, and she’s especially keen on how these emails keep a constant stream of communication throughout the loan process. Watch the testimonial video below to learn more about why Melanie loves Motivator CRM.

Motivator CRM is a digital mortgage marketing CRM system that works when you are not working. Motivator helps mortgage loan officers build their business and nurture customer relationships. Through these processes, Motivator helps mortgage planners turn prospective leads into customers. Once those leads have been converted into closed borrowers, Motivator keeps in communication to leverage customers for life. Watch the video testimonial below to learn more about how digital marketing platform Motivator CRM can help mortgage planners increase their business and more.

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