How Does Motivator CRM Provide Calls to Action?

A “call to action” (CTA) is the part of a marketing message defined as a text-link, button or image that encourages a consumer to take action. CTA’s come in many forms and can prompt the consumer to take many actions; however, the end goal of a CTA is to convert a reader to a lead.

Motivator CRM uses effective mortgage marketing CTA’s in many areas of its digital mortgage marketing to create an excellent user experience and build business. CTA’s are used in all nurture campaigns, monthly newsletters and weekly Realtor emails provided by Motivator CRM to bring readers back to the loan officer’s website. Motivator’s email campaigns to prospective homebuyers feature a total of around 100 CTA’s that clients can click on to learn more about topics ranging from buying a home to saving up for a down payment and many other aspects of the homebuying process.

Here’s what makes Motivator’s mortgage marketing CTA’s so effective:

Relevant – These CTA’s have been carefully curated to remain relevant to the reader at the present time as well as correlate with the information provided in the email. For example, if the reader is receiving an email related to preparing their home to sell, the CTA’s included in the email may be about home staging or home improvements to boost value.

Eye-catching – All CTA’s used by Motivator CRM are aesthetically pleasing and encourage the reader to click them. CTA’s in email nurture campaigns show beautiful pictures as well as preview text in the article to which they point.

Value Proposition – Motivator CRM’s mortgage marketing CTA’s provide a clear value proposition by showing the subject matter of the page where the consumer will land by clicking. The CTA’s always include a well-defined action, such as “click here.”

Motivator CRM is a digital mortgage marketing CRM system that helps mortgage loan officers build their business and nurture customer relationships. Through these processes, Motivator helps mortgage planners not only turn prospective leads into customers, but also leverage customers for life.

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