Motivator CRM Creates Customers For Life

In addition to nurturing leads until they become closed borrowers in the homebuying process, Motivator CRM creates customers for life. With the mortgage marketing that Motivator provides, loan officers can stay at the forefront of their customers’ minds and be the first phone call their closed borrowers make when the time comes for them to purchase a new home, refinance their current home, or refer an excellent mortgage planner to a friend or family member.

When a borrower reaches the “funded” milestone within the Motivator CRM system, that borrower is automatically added to a list of recipients who receive the Consumer Monthly Newsletter offering relevant information that is not usually related directly to the mortgage process. Lawn and garden care, home renovations and holiday décor are among the topics often covered in the Consumer Monthly Newsletter. This information is useful and relevant to the consumer, and always links back to the loan officer’s Motivator-provided website. Additionally, through customized emails tailored specifically to a variety of special occasions, the Motivator system makes it easy for loan officers to offer birthday, anniversary and holiday well-wishes to their closed borrowers.

Motivator’s refinancing dashboard notifies users of good opportunities to refinance customers’ previously closed homes. The dashboard does this by keeping track of the current mortgage rates for your closed borrowers, and if the market presents options for them to refinance, the borrowers will appear in the Motivator platform so the loan officer can reach out.

At Motivator, we work each day to provide your customers with excellent and educational content as well as a fantastic lending experience. We hope that once your clients have completed a transaction with you, they will continue to refer to you for all their home mortgage needs in the years to come.

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