Motivator CRM Customer Testimonial – Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy
— a Branch Manager with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Auburn, Massachusetts — has such wonderful things to say about the mortgage marketing that Motivator CRM has added to his business. Bill loves the automation that Motivator provides in communication between the real estate agents, customers, and other parties involved in the loan process. Bill said that since their branch started using Motivator, they have had to send fewer emails updating their customers and business partners, which has allowed them more time to focus on building more business.

Additionally, Bill loves the blogs that are posted three times per week on his Motivator website. These blogs provide relevant and interesting information that he is able to share with his sphere on social media. Bill is excited to continue to use this fantastic mortgage CRM, and can’t wait to see how it continues to build his business.

Motivator CRM is a digital mortgage marketing CRM system that helps mortgage loan officers build their business and nurture customer relationships. Through these processes, Motivator helps mortgage planners turn prospective leads into customers. Once those leads have been converted into closed borrowers, Motivator keeps in communication to leverage customers for life. Watch the video testimonial below to learn more about how digital mortgage marketing platform Motivator CRM can help Mortgage Planners increase their business and more.

BillMurphyTestimonial from Motivator CRM on Vimeo.

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