How Does Motivator CRM Nurture Leads?

Lead nurturing, the process of tracking and developing prospective leads into sales-ready customers, is a crucial component of any successful mortgage marketing plan. When leads are captured from various sources, they cannot be expected to simply convert to a sale at the first point of contact. The leads must be nurtured before they are willing to entrust a mortgage planner with the task of helping them purchase or refinance a home. Through a process of contact points and email nurture campaigns, Motivator CRM allows loan officers to effortlessly nurture their leads. And, as a result, loan officers have more time to invest in other aspects of building their mortgage business.

According to marketing research institute MarketingSherpa, 79% of marketing leads never convert to sales — and a lack of lead nurturing is the most common cause. Mortgage marketing platform Motivator CRM uses multiple systems to ensure that your leads are nurtured to their full potential. Once a lead is entered into the system, Motivator provides the user — that’s the loan officer or loan officer’s assistant — with a notification saying they should reach out to their prospective customer by phone. From this phone call, the user will determine the appropriate borrower category for this lead. Once the borrower category is determined, the loan officer will add the prospective customer to an appropriate email nurture campaign based on the customer’s financial situation, homebuying needs, etc.

Motivator CRM offers more than 17 email nurture campaigns intended to educate homebuyers, build relationships and regain leads that may have slipped away. These campaigns are perfectly timed and provide calls to action targeted directly at the lead. The content in these emails is relevant, conversational and intended to not only convert the lead, but also create a customer for life. Additionally, even after the lead is converted and the mortgage process is complete, Motivator CRM keeps you in contact with these customers through birthday emails, loan anniversary emails and a monthly Consumer Newsletter that we send to them on your behalf. We hope that by providing your customer with useful information and a great lending experience, they will continue to refer to you when they decide to purchase a new home or refinance their current home.

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