Mortgage Marketing Customer Testimonial Jennifer Napoleon

Jennifer Napoleon— a loan officer with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Denver, Colorado — loves what Motivator CRM is doing for her business! Jennifer is thrilled with the training that Motivator provides to help users better understand and utilize the system. Jennifer also loves how Motivator helps her stay on task for what she needs to accomplish each day. With the to-do lists on the LO dashboard, users can easily see the calls they need to make, the emails they need to send, and other actions they need to take for the day to be as productive as possible.

Jennifer especially appreciates the communication from Motivator CRM to her business partners and customers. The mortgage marketing tools offered by Motivator have helped Jennifer win business from listing agents and have notified her customers and buyers’ agents about loan milestones as they arise. Jennifer is excited to continue to use this wonderful mortgage CRM, and she can’t wait to see how it continues to build her business for the future.

Motivator CRM is a digital mortgage marketing CRM system that helps mortgage loan officers build their business and nurture customer relationships. Motivator provides status updates during the mortgage loan process to the borrower and real estate agent, allowing them to stay informed every step of the way. Additionally, Motivator CRM educates customers on various aspects of the homebuying process while preparing borrowers for their financial future. Watch the video testimonial below to learn more about how digital mortgage marketing platform Motivator CRM can help Mortgage Planners increase their business and more.

Motivator Testimonial: Jennifer Napoleon from Motivator CRM on Vimeo.

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