Life Cycle of a Customer

When a Mortgage Planner meets a prospective customer, the path for turning that prospective customer into a client should be easy. Motivator CRM moves customers through a simple and logical process to give them the best home loan experience in the mortgage industry. Below are the steps a prospective customer takes with Motivator CRM:

  1. Website – A customer’s homebuying experience often begins at the loan officer’s website. Motivator CRM provides a customized mortgage marketing website to each Motivator user, and this website showcases lending products, offers MLS access and provides hundreds of articles.
  2. CRM – When the prospective customer fills out the contact form on the loan officer’s mortgage marketing website, the customer is created as a lead in the Motivator CRM software.
  3. Phone – Next, Motivator CRM will notify the user (who is usually a loan officer) that they must reach out to their prospective customer by phone. It is here that the loan officer determines the appropriate borrower category for the customer.
  4. Email – Based on the information collected from the phone call, the loan officer will add the prospective customer to an appropriate email nurture campaign. Once assigned to the nurture campaign, the customer will begin receiving emails from the loan officer. These emails will educate the customer on homebuying, homeownership and more.
  5. Application – Once the customer is ready to begin the home loan process, they will fill out an application on the loan officer’s mortgage marketing website.
  6. In-Process – After the mortgage home loan application has been submitted, the customer’s application will be “in-process.” This will trigger the in-process campaign that will notify the customer and affiliated parties when loan application milestones have been achieved.
  7. Review – Once the application has made its way through processing, it will move on to mortgage underwriting review. The in-process campaign will continue to notify the customer of its status.
  8. Client – After the loan application has made it through underwriting review, the client has been solidified. This customer will then take on a “closed borrower” status in Motivator and will continue as a client for life.

Motivator CRM takes the best possible care of your customers. Once they have closed a loan with you, they will continue to receive emails from you that wish them well on their birthday and loan anniversary. Our goal is to create a client for life so that when they are ready to refinance their home or purchase a new home, you are the one they call.

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