Mike Trombley Mortgage CRM Customer Testimonial

Mortgage CRM

Motivator CRM is a mortgage CRM system that works for you! Check out this wonderful customer testimonial from our friend, Mike Trombley! Mike is a mortgage planner and branch manager from Puyallup, Washington, and has been a user of this digital mortgage marketing CRM for two years. Motivator CRM has helped Mike build his mortgage business in many ways — particularly by informing his customers and business partners of updates in their loan’s process.

Motivator CRM will act as your personal digital marketing assistant by letting your customers and business partners know that a mortgage loan file is clear to close, or that an appraisal has been ordered. This digital marketing mortgage CRM also guides users through many other steps in the mortgage loan process. Motivator CRM allows mortgage planners to spend more time building business, without having to worry about sending update emails.

Motivator CRM Testimonial from Motivator CRM on Vimeo.

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