How Does a Mortgage CRM Help You Market?

One of the main goals of a CRM system is to improve the relationship with existing customers and recruit prospective customers. Most mortgage professionals are missing out on opportunities to retain clients and close more loans, and this is where a CRM can become very handy for you. Having a CRM system will allow you to never fall short of your sale cycles, and will help you accurately measure where you need to improve with efficient marketing tools on hand.

One of the best uses of a CRM is engaging with your clients on a personal level. Motivator CRM allows mortgage professionals to take informed actions to help improve client satisfaction because of the amount of information you will have on them. Multiple ways marketing can improve your business with a CRM include: personalized emails, targeted campaigns, timely follow-ups, newsletters and much more to help increase your customer satisfaction and improve sales.

Personalized Emails

CRM databases are filled with timely and effective information that allows you to connect with your clients on another level and gain valuable insights. When loan officers reach out to their customers on a personal level and care about their mortgage process, clients are more comfortable closing a loan with you, and it will help you improve your customer experience overall. Every email sent to a client will have their name on it, with specific information to make them feel unique.

Targeted Campaigns

As a loan officer, offering a targeted approach will help you meet the needs of your customers faster, and help you communicate with them better in the long run. Motivator has more than 17 email campaigns for customers and business partners, designed to turn prospects into customers. Some of these campaigns include a: Homebuyer Campaign, First-Time Homebuyer Campaign, Jumbo Loan Campaign, New Construction Campaign, Pre-Approval Campaign and many more campaigns to best suit your client. These campaigns will help your clients better understand the process they are going through, and they will be very thankful for the time and the effort you put into helping them.

In-Process Workflow Emails

Motivator has an automatic In-Process Workflow that sends out emails to your borrowers, co-borrowers, listing agents and selling agents as soon as your Motivator account is activated. Loan milestone updates are synced with Encompass so that you only need to enter them once. These emails are scheduled for purchase loans and refinance loans, and they include: credit report ordered, appraisal ordered, appraisal received, sent to processing, etc. We send these emails out automatically on your behalf to allow you to focus on creating more business, instead of having to explain the process yourself.

Newsletters And Blogs

Marketing through newsletters and blogs is a great way to engage your clients on product-focused content. Motivator sends out newsletters that provide your clients with information they can use during the loan process, as well as good general information to know about their home. Motivator sends out monthly newsletters to your past and current clients, and to your real estate partners on your behalf. Included is communications to your top Realtors, along with three new articles that are posted to your website each week. Deals move much faster when loan officers have instant information on potential deals, marketing campaigns and updates. Motivator is simply the best digital mortgage marketing platform and mortgage CRM in the business.

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