Thanksgiving Week in Mortgage CRM Marketing

We have a MUST training this week. Please ask your processor to watch with you or please make sure to show your processor a link of the training. It will only take about five minutes. You want the Appraisal Received Emails to go out and we need to show you how to make sure that you are marking this correctly in Encompass.

Did you miss our customer life cycle training last week?

From the time you receive a lead through their life, Motivator allows you to personally market to them. Learn what steps you need to take in order to determine their needs, assign them to the campaign for them, what happens when they are in processing and how we market to them for life.

Motivator CRM launched the amazing Homebuyer Campaign!

This is a great campaign that you can assign to any homebuyer without knowing too much about their specific needs. It is timed weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly which means that you can put someone on a 4-month, 8-month or one-year email drip campaign.

Thanksgiving newsletters are on their way! People will be receiving them today, tomorrow and Wednesday!

Great blogs this week!

Tuesday – What Does It Mean to Refinance?

Wednesday – Pet Doors

Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite Mortgage CRM company!

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