Mortgage CRM Website SEO & Marketing

We are often asked by mortgage professionals how they can be found on Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the mortgage industry can be a very interesting challenge. While there are not many companies that are investing in paid advertising, there are some folks who are doing a great job in organic SEO. (Organic SEO means that you are building your own content and have links going and coming into your website.) If that sounds complicated, it doesn’t need to be.

Google uses an algorithm to decide how to rank your website on a variety of factors including your website design, pages, new content, traffic, links in and out, keywords and much more. At Motivator CRM, we provide our customers with excellent websites that give your borrowers what they need to know about lending. Of course, great design is just one important factor of SEO. We also provide you with content three times each week to share across your social media platforms. Not only does that allow you to have links going back to your website; it also creates traffic to your site when people click on your links. Our mortgage blogs are full of good, readable information and are designed to look as though you authored them.

Great SEO Is Attainable!

How much easier would your job as a loan originator be if your mortgage CRM not only included a robust communication system but also a digital marketing platform with a website and fresh content built in? How much more would you stand out in the market if you weren’t using the same emails as your competition? How much of a difference would it make if you sent emails where a homebuyer could click through to your website to learn more information, or a real estate agent could learn more about your mortgage company through your email platform?

Motivator CRM allows you to have a custom look without the custom pricing of other mortgage CRMs, and the results speak for themselves. We are happy to add Google Analytical to the back end of your website so you can see what a difference traffic from your social media platforms as well as the traffic from click through prompts from your email campaigns can mean to your business. Motivator can help your mortgage company see growth. Contact us today to learn more.

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