Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing Customer Newsletters

Thanks for all the great feedback on the new In Process emails! It means so much when you take the time to let us know what your customers or real estate partners are saying, especially when we have worked so hard to create something valuable to you over these past months.

If you missed our training last week, you can learn the entire system in about 23 minutes!

Highlights of this week

  1. Just in time for Labor Day, your newsletters for your real estate partners and consumer database will be sent this week! We will be showing you a preview of these on Thursday.
  2. New fields coming over from Encompass to Motivator next week. We are going to train you on those after Labor Day!
  3. We have a new campaign guide!

Labor Day Newsletters & Special Training

Great blogs this week!

Tuesday – Let Fairway Exceed Your Expectations
Wednesday – Electronic and Smart Locks for Your Home
Thursday – Trust Me to Pilot You Through Your Loan

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August 30th  12:30PM

Special Mortgage Marketing Training with Kelly

Curious about how you can grow your business in your area? Join us for a very special training where Kelly will review everything from what the Fairway brand means, to how to reach out to your Realtor partners in meaningful ways, to using social media to your best advantage. If you have not joined us for one of these in the past, you are guaranteed to love it!

September 1 4PM

Move Up Buyer Campaign

When someone is ready to move into their next home, they need marketing that addresses: selling their existing home, what to look for in their next home, and much more. Join us to learn how you can use this campaign for buyers looking for their next home.

September 6th  2PM

New Fields Training

NEW FIELDS are coming over from Encompass, and this is a VERY important training for everyone to attend! PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT to learn about what new information will be passed into Motivator.

Make this an awesome week! Need help? Email our team at



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