Mortgage Milestone Emails and New Fields

It’s HERE! The week we have been waiting for is finally here. Not since we created your new websites (and mobile sites) have we been so excited to launch something extraordinary for you! Mortgage marketing will never be the same!

The new milestone updates are going to blow you away. But I 100% NEED you to come to one of two trainings this week so you cannot only see what we have for you, but so we can also hear your feedback! Be sure to check the training schedule below and RSVP to one of the slots. You will want to know what we are sending out on your behalf to real estate agents and your homebuyers, so please join us! Of course, we will also record those and make the training links available to you.

Highlights of this week

  1. All new emails going out during the loan milestones. They look sharper, cleaner, sound better, and you are going to love them.
  2. New fields coming over from Encompass to Motivator this week. We are going to train you on those after Labor Day!
  3. New Dashboards! Do you love them?
  4. We have a new campaign guide! Download it for your desk!

Great blogs this week!

  • Tuesday is Let Fairway Exceed Your Expectations
  • Wednesday is Five Reasons to Protect Your Home
  • Thursday is Fairway Launches an ESOP Program

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August 23rd 2PM & August 25th 4pm

In-Process Workflow RELAUNCH

The moment we have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! The release of the NEW In-Process Workflow emails. The system that you love is now three times better. See what we are sending, the massive improvements, and ask any question you may have!

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