Mortgage Email Campaign Training

While the NEW In Process Workflow is completed, we are going to take a week off of training so we can create something truly magical for you, your real estate partners and your customers. You aren’t ready for the magic, but it’s coming!

What can you do with your time off? How about brush up on your mad Motivator skills?

  1. If you want your new website, we need you to answer your email! Check yours today!
  2. There are a TON of new campaigns that you can assign to your leads. Learn about them!

New Business Contact Campaign

Tell any business contact a little bit about yourself and ask for referral business.

VA Loan Campaign

For any veteran borrowers, this campaign explains the VA program and our commitment to vets.

Move Up Buyer Campaign

Borrowers buying a new home have different needs than a first time homebuyer. This addresses those.

Realtor Follow-Up Campaign

After meeting a new real estate agent, put them on this campaign to teach them about how working with you will make all the difference in their business.

First-Time Homebuyer Campaign

This campaign teaches first-time buyers everything that they need to know to become successful buyers.

Refinance Campaign

Teach current homeowners all the reasons that a refinanced loan may make sense.

Jumbo Loan Campaign

I Moved Campaign

New Construction Campaign

Great blogs this week!

  • Tuesday is Good Questions to Ask During the Final Walkthrough
  • Wednesday is Exterior Home Lighting
  • Thursday is What Does a Processor Do?

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Make this an awesome week! Need help? Email our team at


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