First-Time Homebuyer Email Campaign

LOTS happening in mortgage marketing this week!

  1. The New First-Time Homebuyer Campaign launched last week, and if you missed the training, you can watch it today. This is a great campaign for teaching prospective customers how to become successful homebuyers!
  2. This week, Motivator CRM will be launching the new HOME SCOUTING Instructional Campaign that is automatically assigned when someone downloads the app. Training details below.
  3. Please join us at 3pmET on Thursday for an awesome 1 one refresher on how to use Motivator, including some new campaigns, how to assign campaigns, and much more! If you have been hoping to better understand Motivator and use it to its best advantage, this is the one for you!

Great blogs this week!

  • Tuesday is Moving Tips
  • Wednesday is Protecting Your Home While You Are Away
  • Thursday is Mortgage Terms Buyers Need to Know

Add these to your calendar and join us for some great training on the relaunch of incredible marketing drip campaigns for your customers!

August 2nd  @2PM

Home Scouting Campaign

When new leads download your Home Scouting app, we put them automatically on a campaign to learn how to use the app. Find out what we send your customers, and how this campaign will help!

August 4th @3PM

Motivator 101

Users will greatly benefit from attending this training where we will explain how to use Motivator effectively and easily each day.

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