Mortgage Marketing New Construction Email Campaign

When you have a borrower who wants to build a home, there can be a lot of variables — ranging from what program will be right for them, to heavy competition from the builder’s lender. The goal of our mortgage email marketing New Construction Campaign is to educate the customer about everything from the steps in building, to options about interior design. The goal is to make sure you stay in front of your customers every couple weeks as the home is being built and after their application has been submitted. As they run into delays and the unexpected while they build, they can remain confident that their lender will not.

This campaign reminds your customers that you are:

  • Able to provide recommendations for trusted professionals for interior and exterior work
  • Ready to answer any questions
  • Going to make the process easy
  • Heading up an excellent team
  • Making sure to safeguard their loan with fantastic advice

Watch the training video below to understand what you will be sending, how that will work with calls to action on your blog, and the best practices for all your mortgage marketing to buyers looking to build a home.

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