New Mortgage Marketing Email Campaigns!

Movie on 7-15-16 at 2.13 PM from Tom Tousignant on Vimeo.


I am SO proud and HAPPY for all of you, not only because of your huge month in June but because the refinance tools are REALLY working for you! Thanks for letting us know how many refis you are seeing, because it makes what we do worthwhile!

What is on tap this week?

1. Those rates are great for the REFI tools. If you haven’t used these yet, here’s a review!
2. Want to use Motivator better?
3. Did you miss the NEW BUSINESS CONTACT CAMPAIGN training? Watch it in 15 minutes, here!
4. The New Jumbo Loan Campaign and the NEW Construction Campaign launch this week, and the trainings are below!

Great blogs this week!
• Tuesday is jumbo loans
• Wednesday is heated bathroom flooring
• Thursday is AWI wrap-up

Add these to your calendar and join us for some great info!

7/19/16 @2pm

Jumbo Loan Campaign

Learn how to market outstanding jumbo loan products to your potential clients by using this great nurture campaign.

7/21/16 @4pm

New Construction Campaign

This BRAND NEW campaign is fantastic for any LO who is a preferred lender for a builder, or who is currently marketing to new construction clients! See the big reveal of this new campaign and learn how it will help your business!

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