Mortgage Marketing Made Easy

Mortgage marketing can be easy! Looking to understand the training tools we have available to you? Look no further than our vimeo channel! You know the password, but if you forget it, you can email, and they will be happy to send it to you.

As far as social media training, learn how to set up and use a Facebook page to create business.

Effectively use LinkedIn in the video below.

These three trainings are also excellent about how to market to business partners and share across social media platforms:

Marketing to Your Business Contacts

Facebook Blog Publishing

Social Sharing

Each week in the Weekly Realtor Review, we actually give the real estate agents the links to two of the blogs that were on your website for the week to share across their social media channels for the weekend. You can see an example of that tomorrow in the blog notification/Weekly Realtor Review preview.

If you aren’t using that amazing tool for your top 10-15 agents, here is how to add them to it!

I know what you are thinking, doesn’t every mortgage CRM company offer this level of marketing training? No. But Motivator does.

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