4th of July Mortgage Marketing News From Motivator CRM

HAPPY Fourth of July!!

We hope that you are not working today, but if you are looking for something to keep you company while you enjoy a hot dog and a beer, you might want to watch this great video training we had last week on all the tools that we have to help you capitalize on the LOW RATES right now!

Happy 4th of July!

We have some big news! We just sent out the 1,000,000th email of 2016! We are working hard on your behalf every day, and we appreciate your help and support!


7/5/16 @2pm (BEN)

Utilizing Contact Finder

Finding people is easy when you know how to use shortcuts! Ben is going to show you how to quickly find your contacts, make sure they are set up to do what you want them to do, and demonstrate live how to make finding contacts easy!

7/6/16 @1pm (TOM)

Branch Manager Training

Helping Your Branch Succeed Using Motivator

Learn how to encourage and motivate your loan officers to build more business using Motivator. Tom will show you how to run reports, monitor activity and keep your team on its sales goals!

7/7/16 @4pm (KELLY)

VA Loan Campaign

Military buyers will love learning about how you can help them with their loan and how committed we are to veterans and military members across the country through the American Warrior Initiative. Learn about this campaign, how to assign it and why it’s important to market to military members using the VA Campaign.

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