Brexit Mortgage Rate Marketing Tools For Mortgage CRM Professionals

What happens when you have a digital marketing arm built into your mortgage CRM company? When things like Brexit occur, your mortgage CRM, Motivator CRM, can work quickly to give you all the tools that you need for success! Join us for our training today to see what we have built for you in the past 48 hours!

Today, we are going to show you some incredible new mortgage CRM tools that you can use to reach out to your refinance customers. Having a digital marketing company working non-stop on your behalf for the past two days means that we have a new refinance campaign, a refinance bulletin (one email that you can send out about Brexit), a blog today about Brexit and what it means to the market, as well as reports for your dashboard.

Today’s training will show you what those tools are and how to effectively use them in the coming days and weeks. We highly suggest coming today, but we will send out the link to the training tomorrow for those unable to make it.

Learn how Motivator can help you respond to the dropping rates in the coming days and weeks:
Refinance Campaign
Refinance Alert Email
Running Mortgage Rate Reports
Blogs for this week
Newsletters going out this week

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