Plenty of Mortgage Marketing News for June!

It was a great night to be a Cleveland fan (said no one in the past 50 years, save last night), and I hope you were able to enjoy the game! Please read the following carefully, as there have been changes to the trainings this week, new signatures for you, and we have a rather important Encompass announcement.

  1. With the SaaS comes changes. Last week, some of you may have been affected by some of your info not merging from Encompass to Motivator. IT worked diligently last week to correct this, and all should be good to go. While this only affected some users, the best way to make sure you are 100% is just to make a small change in an Encompass file. That way, it will progress forward. This is not necessary, as changes will be made by your processing team in the coming days, but if you want to be 100%, you can certainly do that.
  2. With the new SaaS platform, information can take up to 15 minutes to reach Motivator. That’s just how it is now, so while it doesn’t affect much, we just wanted you to know why you won’t see things automatically.

Monday Marketing! from Tom Tousignant on Vimeo.

We have added your office signature to your address, and thought you would look amazing with a NEW signature! Check out what we created for you! We love the business card look, and customers and business partners can simply click to connect with you on social media or to view your website.

We have changed the trainings for this week because we want to give everyone the opportunity to spend an hour this week where you can learn how to use Motivator. Attending one of these two trainings will absolutely change everything about how you use the system. If you are new or if you are just not using the tools we have to build your business, you have two opportunities to make that happen this week!

(Training info just for this week)


What you will be talking about this week on your websites and social media:

Tuesday – Smart Homes

Wednesday – Pantry Organization

Thursday – New Headquarters

Let’s have an incredible week!

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