Websites Are Important to Successful Mortgage Marketing!

Websites are important to successful mortgage marketing! You heard us right! In the next many weeks, we will be rolling out your new websites! We are going to be building these out in the order that you signed up for MCRM, but newbies will also get new sites (no point in building two sites for the newbies).

Your branch manager will be alerted when it is time for your branch to start the transition. NOW is a GREAT time to be thinking about any of the following:

  1. Having a team picture taken if you have a team
  2. Having a new head shot taken if it has been more than five years or you simply do not have one
  3. Updating (or adding) your testimonials
  4. Updating (or adding) your bio

There will be little to no work or change needed from you during this transition. Motivator CRM will simply email you a link to verify your information is correct and has not changed and that you are good with the plan.

Good news! You can now add videos and awards to your website! You can also link those out in your bio if you would like. More details on that to come.


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