The Weekly Realtor Review Is A Mortgage Marketing Hit!

mortgage marketing

The Weekly Realtor Review has been a runaway hit! Ramp up your mortgage marketing efforts by providing your real estate partners with excellent content. Even we are surprised at the overwhelming feedback you have been receiving from your agents about this weekly mortgage marketing email. Thanks so much for sharing those comments with us.

If you would like to assign this weekly campaign to your top agents, here’s all you need to know:

  • This email is sent on Friday mornings, just in time to remind your top real estate partners that you are ready to help their homebuyers
  • We suggest assigning this to your top 10-12 real estate agent partners. This email will provide them with mortgage marketing content to share with their customers
  • Each email shares 2-3 articles from your website that your agents can use in their social media channels
  • We will send one on your behalf each week with the exception of the week that the monthly Realtor newsletter is sent, in order to not inundate your business partners with emails

To learn how to quickly assign this campaign to your top real estate agents, visit the Motivator CRM Help Center.

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