Marketing Strategy & Sales Innovation
Motivator is the most powerful combination of a digital marketing platform and CRM in the mortgage industry.

The key to our system is effective, timely communication that define the customer decision process. We integrate the platforms you use to generate leads and make marketing easy. Plus, Motivator’s mobile app allows you to close deals fast on the go.

When you capitalize on your database, create excited referral partners and help homebuyers succeed, you will generate a pipeline that you have always wanted. Our system was designed by successful mortgage originators and mortgage marketing professionals who understand the mortgage industry.

Great Design

Terrific graphics combined with diverse stock photography for visually stunning emails

Excellent Emails

Robust drip campaigns designed to create and drive business from inbox to website to application


Modern, sleek websites that showcase lending products have MLS access and provide hundreds of articles


Informative website blogs that teach consumers how to become homebuyers are tied directly to emails and shareable in social media


Creative, interesting and relevant monthly information for real estate agents as well as another for consumers

Responsive Support

Find easy answers to questions on our website or email our support team to resolve issues


Simplified video training coupled with our customer service team instructs users on how to best use this platform


We integrate with Outlook as well as many lead integration platforms such as Home Scouting, Zillow, Lending Tree and iMove


Talent acquisition and retention made easier with recruiting campaigns and the best industry tools

Produce More Loans With Email Marketing
  • Direct sync with your Encompass and Outlook accounts
  • Personalized nurture email campaigns designed to convert prospects into customers and business partners
  • Automatic loan status emails that update customers, team members, and other involved contacts throughout the purchase or refinance process
  • Dashboards that organize potential sales and action items to create a manageable daily to-do list
  • Redefine relationships with listing agents to create referral partnerships

Online Lead Generation Integration

Automatic lead assignment and campaigns are easy with our integrations with the following partners


Motivator offers a robust digital marketing package that enhances your relationships with new and existing business partners and clients.

  • Monthly newsletters to past and current clients on your behalf
  • Monthly newsletters to your real estate partners
  • Weekly communications to your top Realtors
  • Three new articles posted to your website each week
  • Social media-friendly content to boost your SEO and brand

We have incredible integrations with powerful mortgage business builders.

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