Our contemporary websites feature fresh content allowing potential customers to shop for homes while learning more about lending. Combined with the power of our solid email platform that nurtures sales while redirecting the customer back to your website, Motivator CRM gives you the tools to be successful while eliminating work for you.

Developed by a successful branch manager and a digital marketing specialist, Motivator CRM was created specifically for the mortgage industry. The concept was simple – automating a loan officer’s best intentions and create a seamless process from customer introduction to closing with a game plan to market to your database for life. We provide this through an excellent website and shareable content, a customer relationship management dashboard that allows you to organize your sales and reminders, and a robust milestone update campaign that takes the work off of your real estate partners’ shoulders.

Between meetings, applications, documents, closings and running a successful pipeline, communicating effectively and marketing efficiently can be difficult. Our product not only showcases your talents but allows you to organize the listing agent, the buyer’s agents, your team (and their teams) and the client in fantastic In-Process workflow emails. Once their application is submitted, Motivator CRM does all of the work for you.

Integrating Outlook and Encompass, Motivator CRM’s platform provides simple management of your loans and contacts. Lead integration with Home Scouting, Zillow, Lending Tree, Home Value Store and Free Rate Update funnels potential sales directly into automatic email campaigns for easy follow-up. HTML emails route customers and business partners from your inbox to your website, where they can apply for their loan, or learn more about you and various aspects of lending. Dashboards organize potential sales and action items to create a manageable daily to-do list.

Motivator CRM is going to free up your time to produce more loans. We will update our platform with the latest technology to help keep you ahead of the competition while winning new customers and business partners through outstanding marketing. Our team refuses to be static; therefore, campaign improvements, website updates, blog updates and training are always being revised and polished. And since the total system annually costs less than the profit of closing one loan, we are certain to earn your business every month.

Percentage of Work
Motivator CRM Does for You

Cultivating Relationships 90% 90%
Managing Sales 90% 90%
Email Marketing 100% 100%
Website Development 100% 100%
Sharable Content 95% 95%

Mortgage Planners Love Motivator CRM

  • Jenny Stoner
  • Kelly Waugh
  • Jason Ames
  • Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe
  • Craig Barber
  • Shannon Alexander
  • Shane Christopher
  • Amy Simmons
  • Austin Larr
  • Mortgage Planner
  • Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
  • Sales Manager/Loan Officer
  • Senior Mortgage Planner
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Loan Officer
  • Senior Mortgage Planner
  • Mortgage Planner
  • Sales Manager
  • Motivator is amazing! Every morning, it tells me how to start my day, who to call and how to prioritize my calendar. It’s not unusual for it to send me a reminder to call someone I spoke with months ago that I’ve totally forgotten about! It’s a KEY part of my business and follow up!
  • Motivator has completely changed my business. It helps me stay organized, follow up like a champ and stay in front of all the necessary people without even trying. There is no other CRM that remotely even comes close to this one. Hands down, best in the industry by far! 
  • Motivator has been a huge game changer for me personally. Not only is the communication well done and well received by all agents, but they have literally helped me to start working with two new agents. Everyone is kept up to date on the loan process and I continually receive compliments on how on top of things I am. I credit this mainly to Motivator. The daily dashboard helps to keep me on task on productive items that help increase my business. I cannot wait to continue to learn more and see how it helps my business grow in the next 6-8 months.
  • I have loved using Motivator CRM. I am so busy that I barely have time to use the features, but it still creates business for me. As a loan officer, there is nothing better than being able to market without lifting a finger!
  • As a loan officer, one of my struggles has always been the follow up with borrowers after initial contact, especially if they are not ready to move forward. Motivator CRM allows me to stay in touch of my borrowers from the initial pre-approval stage through the life of the loan with milestone updates and the markets through post closing. Motivator CRM has not only allowed me to stay in front my borrowers but also allows me to organize my borrower's notes in one place. Motivator is not just a CRM, but also an origination tool that allows me to quickly communicate with my borrowers and referral partners at any time.
  • Motivator CRM is absolutely amazing. As a Senior Loan Officer one of my main strengths that sets me apart from my competition has always been excellent communication. With Motivator CRM, it takes my business to a new level with the automated email campaigns and continuous follow-up with my clients. It helps keep my clients and agents informed of their loan process every step of the way. Keeping a customer informed helps me manage expectations and preserve customer satisfaction. It has become invaluable to my business. Another huge pick for me has also been with listing agents that I may not work with. I receive compliments from listing agents on a regular basis for keeping them in the loop and informed. This opens the door for me to be able to work with them in the future.
  • Since I started with Motivator, my business and exposure on social media has exploded. I have a professional look and people I haven’t met have been dropping my name to others. Additionally, the communication to listing agents in a transaction has generated several new relationships. I love what the team has done for me and my business.
  • I love using MCRM because it keeps me organized, keeps everyone informed through the loan process and it truly makes the steps in my job automated. It helps make the process smooth! And I never "lose" contacts anymore. They all have a place to go and will forever stay connected to me, and I know where EACH of those clients came from. That builds trust with each of my referral partners! The best part is that Motivator is already built...the wheel is already built, and I only need to log in and work the system every day! I don't even have to "physically enter" new clients, they automatically show up in there! I love it!
  • Since I have joined Motivator and got my new website up and going, I have seen my referrals from past clients go up by 2-3 a week!  

Features of Motivator CRM



Modern, sleek websites that showcase lending products have MLS access and provide hundreds of articles.



Informative website blogs that teach consumers how to become homebuyers are tied directly to emails and shareable in social media.

Excellent Emails


Robust drip campaigns designed to create and drive business from inbox to website to application.



Creative, interesting and relevant monthly information for real estate agents as well as another for consumers.


Team Of Three Orange People Holding Hands And Standing On Blue P

We integrate with Outlook as well as many lead integration platforms such as Home Scouting, Zillow, Lending Tree and iMove.

Responsive Support


Find easy answers to questions on our website or email our support team to resolve issues.


Training copy

Simplified video training coupled with our customer service team instructs users on how best to use this platform.