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While Facebook Business Pages are still a good way to build your mortgage business, many mortgage professionals are finding that using their own personal profiles to create digital relationships with their real estate partners and customers is creating more trust, more communication and better marketing. A business page on Facebook is a great way to showcase your blog from your website, build links back to your website and share information with potential home buyers, but there is a lot to be said for connecting with those who you work with in a real way. Not all of your connections need to be privy to everything you write; you can segment your statuses by lists so that only the audience you specify will see that post. If you are a member of the Motivator Mortgage CRM community, you know that we work with you to understand how all of your mortgage marketing can work together and train you on all marketing platforms. To review our latest Mortgage Facebook Training, click here.

If you aren’t using Facebook, you are likely missing the boat on creating digital intimacy and trust with a huge sphere of people in your area. Take a look at the stats below-




















Source: Facebook

Being connecting with your business contacts from your personal Facebook account, you should understand the following:

  • Your profile page can be as important (or more important) than your business page so making sure that you are talking up the mortgage industry, your real estate partners and how you do business is key
  • Your posts and your attitude mean a lot to your audience, so keep things positive
  • Define what persona you want to have
  • Are you political or religious? Knowing how to post is vital. No one is asking you to be someone that you are not, but remember that not everyone will have the same views as you
  • How much do you share with your audience?
  • Are you using groups and lists to segment your audience?

When it comes to your mortgage business page on Facebook, you should do the following:

  • What is posted on your business page CANNOT be seen on your personal page unless you share it there and vice versa
  • What you post needs to be professional
  • Share the culture of your office
  • Share pictures of events
  • Share your real estate partner’s listings
  • Share the blogs from your website
  • If you have a business page, please be sure to update it at least weekly
  • Check for spelling and grammar
  • Share blog links and hyperlink to business partner
  • Ask your friends to be your fans
  • Use a professional head shot for your picture
  • Have a great business cover art photo created for a polished and professional look

These are the basics of Facebook Marketing for the mortgage industry, but we are going to be explaining much more in coming blogs and training. If you are looking for a mortgage CRM that doesn’t look or sound like the rest, something that allows you to basically hire a marketing team to work for you and a platform that gives you mortgage marketing on a scale you have never experienced before, contact us today! Motivator CRM could be the ticket to truly growing your mortgage business!