Miracle Motivator Mornings Are Coming

If you are now or plan to be using leads from Zillow, Lending Tree, iMove- ANY lead source, you are going to want to make a plan to come to training tomorrow!

Highlights of this week-

1. Weekly Realtor Review will hit inboxes on Friday morning!
2. HUGE CHANGE for training next week!

Great blogs this week!

Tuesday – 4 Tips Realtors Wish Buyers Knew
Wednesday – Lined Closet Organization
Thursday –Paperwork Needed For Your Loan

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September 20th 2 PM
Online Lead Campaign

If you are currently buying leads or plan to in the future, join us for a terrific training on the campaign we are using. We will also discuss what to do if you start buying leads and how we can help.

September 22th 4PM
Understand Loan Related Contacts

Join Ben to learn about how to add, remove, find and be the boss of your contacts.

Make this an awesome week! Need help? Email our team at support@motivatorcrm.com.