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Do you have attractive, smart and educational emails designed to create new business with your real estate partners and new customers?

What is the best mortgage CRM for your growing business? How about a CRM that integrates your email marketing with outstanding articles on your website? With over 14 email nurture drip campaigns to choose from, Motivator CRM offers you the ability to speak directly to each home buyer’s individual needs instead of putting your logo in an email that most of your competition is likely sending with the same dry messaging and no calls to action. Our goal with your marketing is to spur customers to want to learn more and then apply for a loan with you.

You will educate home buyers as never before by explaining everything they need to understand about lending. This is a very different marketing system than anyone else in mortgage marketing or mortgage CRM is able to offer. Let us show you how much better your email campaigns can look and function when they have the right platform behind them.

Here is a sample of our current mortgage email campaign marketing-


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